I'm Kathryn

    I'm a career professional with a passion for education

  • Education

    Capella University


    Public Safety Leadership-Criminal Justice

    Chapman University

    Master of Science

    Criminal Justice

    California State University, Long Beach

    Bachelor of Science

    Occupational Studies and Vocational Arts

  • Experience

    California Southern University

    January 2019 - Present

    Senior Vice-President, Human Resources & Organizational Development

    Fullerton Police Department

    March 2004 - January 2019

    Police Lieutenant

    Investigations Sergeant

    Public Information Officer


    Training Officer

    Patrol Officer

    Center for Criminal Justice Training & Research

    California State University, Long Beach

    September 2017 - Present

    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Sexual Assault for First Responders & Title IX

    Criminal Justice Training Center

    Golden West College

    September 2014 - July 2020

    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Crimes Against Children

    Domestic Violence

    Cultural Diversity

    Sexual Harassment

    University of Phoenix

    July 2011 - February 2015

    Lead Faculty Chair

    Adjunct Faculty - Various Criminal Justice

    and Leadership Topics


    Fullerton College

    October 2006 - October 2015

    Adjunct Faculty 

    Emergency Management


    Glendale Police Department

    January 1995 - March 2004

    Police Officer

    Field Training Officer

    Patrol Officer


  • Skills

    Strategic Communication

    Comprehensive knowledge of media relations, branding and strategic communications

    Skilled Investigator

    25 years of criminal and administrative investigations experience

    Experienced Instructor

    Over 15 years of teaching, presentation and curriculum development experience

    Leadership Development

    Experienced in developing human capital through robust leadership training

  • Lectures & Presentations

    Intimate Partner Violence: A Law Enforcement and Clinical Approach to Working with Survivors

    September 2019

    Restoring Safety and Promoting Healing

    June 2019

    Sexual Assault for 1st Responders & Title IX

    April 2019

    Sexual Assault for 1st Responders & Title IX

    January 2019

    Social Media Trends for Youth

    March 2016

    Law Enforcement and Social Media

    December 2015

    Cyberbullying and Social Media

    October 2015

    At-Risk Youth Programs

    July 2015

    Media and Community Relations

    April 2015

    Cyber Sex-Crimes Investigations

    May 2013

    Interpersonal Violence

    April 2013

    Sexual Assault and Safety

    April 2012

    Child Sexual and Physical Abuse

    April 2012

    Sexual Predators & Internet Safety

    September 2011

    Family Violence & Sexual Assault

    March 2011

    Family Crimes Investigations

    July 2010

    Intimate Partner Violence - A Three Stage Model of Trauma Treatment

    August 2020

  • Memberships & Associations

    Community Involvement

    Golden West College Leadership and Ethics Institute

    Advisory Board Member


    Board Member

    A Quarter Blue

    Advisory Board Member

    Women Leaders in Law Enforcement

    Co-chair (2011-2012)

    Hecht Trauma Institute

    Executive Vice-President

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